Tuesday, March 28

About Us


What is the IARFC?

The IARFC is a non-profit credentialing organization of proven financial professionals formed to foster public confidence in the financial planning profession, to help financial advisors exchange planning techniques, and to give deserved recognition to those practitioners who are truly committed to ethical standards and continuous professional education.   

What about other professional designations?
We hold the RFC designation to be different and perhaps more encompassing. However, the IARFC does not assert that any other professional designations or their organizations are inferior. The public is not served by divisive criticism, but rather by dedicated and well-prepared professionals.  Our goal is to encourage professional conduct and collaboration between professional advisors, with strong emphasis on the importance of continuing education.

What is the purpose of the IARFC?

The primary purpose of the IARFC is to provide the public with a convenient access to a pool of well-qualified practitioners from which to choose a personal financial advisor. 

What is the RFC Designation

The Registered Financial Consultant (RFC) is a professional designation awarded by the IARFC to those financial advisors who can meet the high standards of education, experience and integrity that are required of all its members.