Saturday, May 18
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Ambassadors Selected From the Philippines Chapter Represent the IARFC®

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The International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC®) is pleased to announce three Ambassadors of the Philippines who have committed their time and energy to supporting the Association. The 2022 Ambassador Award recognizes their individual achievements and acknowledges appreciation of their dedication.  

The IARFC Mission fosters and enhances the growth of the Association for the benefit of the members and the clients they serve by providing a continuing source of information, education, and networking. The Association strengthens the financial services profession at large through adherence to and promotion of ethical behavior by their members and a focus on professional continuing education.

The criteria for the Ambassador Award are:

  • IARFC member for more than 1 year
  • Current “Ethics Approved” status or in good standing
  • Successfully supported the goals of the Association and has served with extraordinary efforts of time, service, and dedication.

The recipients so designated for 2022 are:

  • Andre Obierez, RFC® — Stock Broker/Equities Portfolio Manager of Meridian Securities,
    Equity Research Analyst and Asst. Portfolio Manager of Fat Prophets Australia
  • Olga Olis, RFC® — Sunlife, President of Cebu RFC Club from 2008-2018
  • Vilma Alcaraz, RFC® — Manulife, President of Cebu RFC Club from 2018 to present

All three have taken an active role in the Philippines Chapter. Obierez is one of the anchors of the IARFC Tuesday Podcast since Season 1. It was at his suggestion that the podcast was initiated. Alcaraz and Olis, together with other RFCs from Cebu, have been supporting IARFC Philippines since 2008 by spearheading RFC Courses and forming RFC Clubs in the Visayas Region.

For more information on the Ambassador Awards and our 2022 recipients, visit the IARFC website.

“Our Ambassadors continue to represent the Association admirably,” continues Bailey. “As Trustee Chair, I thank them for their service to the IARFC’s Mission.”


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