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Are You Ethics Approved?

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2037265737The International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC) has initiated the Ethics Approved Renewal Program designed to promote adherence to the Association’s Code of Ethics. This program scrutinizes the practice history of each member and will award recognition to those who serve the public’s interest when dealing with their financial future.

Effective Immediately
The IARFC Team will be reviewing all membership renewals submitted to the Association and rewarding members for their long-term commitment to the IARFC Code of Ethics. They will be checking:

  • FINRA records,
  • State licensing records  conducting an
  • Internet search of each member’s name.

Clean Record
Members will need to have a clean record for the preceding five (5) years in order to qualify for the Ethics Approved Renewal. Members who qualify will receive an embossed seal stating they are “Ethics Approved” with the year of the review and is effective for two years.

“This is an effort towards increased transparency,” explained Chairman H. Stephen Bailey. “The public is more educated than ever and needs assurance of the background of their financial professional and their adherence to a Code of Ethics.”

Vice Chairman Nicholas Royer, weighed in on the significance of this transparency. “In my opinion, the RFC® designation is Gold Standard in the industry. Our members who hold the RFC® are the top financial consultants available, and they’ve proven it through the strenuous qualifications necessary to get this designation. With all the changes in the financial world in the last few years, this additional attention to ethics will raise the bar once again and help ensure to everyone that the financial professionals who carry the RFC® designation are truly the best of the best.”

Visit the IARFC Store to purchase your Canons of Ethical Behavior Wall Plaque.

I will atb108large all times put my clients interests above my own.
I will maintain proficiency in my work through continuing education.
When fee-based services are involved, I will charge a fair and reasonable fee based on the amount of the time and skill required.
I will abide by both the spirit and the letter of the laws and regulations applicable to financial planning services.
I will give my clients the same service I would give myself in the same circumstances.

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