Wednesday, March 22

Are You Showcasing Your Designations?

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You have fulfilled all the requirements for your recent designation – (MRFC, RFC, RFA). Congratulations on your success. Now, are you getting the proper leverage out of your achievement?

If you answer NO to any of these questions below, take action to turn the No into a Yes IMMEDIATELY:

  1. Have you updated your profile on the IARFC website?
  2. Have you updated your own company website to reflect your new designation status? For example, if you are now an MRFC, remove the RFC designation.
  3. Do your hard copy handouts (letterhead, business cards, brochures etc.) have the designation after your name? – Do you use the MRFC seals for appropriate correspondence?
  4. And how about your electronic correspondence and social media (email signature, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)?
  5. Have you sent out a media release to your clients and prospects?
  6. If you have multiple offices – do you have more than one certificate to display?

These small steps are a BIG investment in your brand. Time to tell the world!


CaptureFor additional thoughts on making yourself more visible, download the IARFC Free Whitepaper – Building Your Impact Brand.

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