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Barry Dayley, Money Concepts International spotlights Jan/Feb Issue of the Register

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currentregisterweb1Code of Ethics – a Conscience for the Company…

The International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC) spotlights the timely topic of adherence to a Code of Ethics in the January/February issue of their industry publication, the Register. Their featured consultant, Barry Dayley, RFC®, of Money Concepts International located in Afton, WY elaborates on how ethical behavior is as relevant today as when he entered financial services thirty years ago.

His time and experience in financial services has taught him that fundamentally the consumer is looking for advice they can trust. They want to work with a financial consultant who has the knowledge, experience and skills to help them achieve their personal objectives ─ one who truly cares about them.

“People want to know what to do financially, not just be sold a product,” relates Dayley. “If advice is provided in the context of a financial plan, it will establish the foundation of a trusting and lasting relationship.”

Barry encourages every RFC to memorize the five-point Code of Ethics of the IARFC.  According to him it will be a clarion to guide to maintaining long-term relationships with clients, employees and associates.

IARFC Code of Ethics

I will at all times put my client’s interest above my own.
I will maintain proficiency in my work through continuing education.
When fee-based services are involved, I will charge a fair and reasonable fee based on the amount of time and skill required.
I will abide by both the spirit and the letter of the laws and regulations applicable to financial planning services.
I will give my clients the same service I would give myself in the same circumstances.

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