Wednesday, November 29
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Board of Directors Dedicated to Membership and Accreditation

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The International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC) in Middletown, OH recently played host to the Association’s Annual Board Meeting. Directors spent two days judging the Semi-finals of the Financial Plan Competition and discussing the Association’s past performance and future areas of concentration.

Board Members on hand for the March Annual Meeting:

  • Chairman H. Stephen Bailey
  • Vice Chairman Nicholas Royer
  • CEO Ed Morrow
  • President Peter D’Arruda
  • Treasurer Jon Roger
  • Secretary Michelle Blair
  • Directors Isabel Cooper, Angie Trandai and Jim Moss

As Chairman of the Board for his first meeting, Steve Bailey laid the areas of concentration for the upcoming year and where the focus of attention is going to be directed in 2016/2017.

My goals are first to improve membership where our consultants can feel proud to be part of the Association and bring others potential members to the table,” commented Bailey. “Second is Accreditation. I want our consultants to be elevated to an elite level of respect and confidence knowing that they have been scrutinized and accepted by third party involvement.”

Increasing membership means adding value to the IARFC and its designations. All aspects of the Association are being reviewed with this end in mind. In 2016, there will be a commitment to finding out exactly what the members want and need from the Association. A redefinition and branding of the IARFC will be of major focus as the Board of Directors move forward under new leadership.

 “I want all members to feel that the Board is transparent and willing to change its way of doing business,” reported Bailey. “We will operate the Board as a complete whole with consideration of all of the Directors as we move the Association in a new direction.”

One major announcement is the inclusion of an insurance license to fulfill the education requirement for membership. Previously this was not included as one of the options.

This change acknowledges the education and experience of those consultants whose focus is insurance,” continues Bailey. “In the near future we will to reach out to this group of professionals and get them designated as RFCs. You will be hearing much more on this subject soon.”

Regarding accreditation – the Board is enthusiastically promoting the MRFC and encouraging members to support the IARFC in getting this complicated and detailed endeavor finalized. This designation when granted, will elevate the Association and its members who obtain the MRFC and enhance their stature with their peers and most importantly with consumers.

For more information on the IARFC Board or to comment on any issues concerning the outcome of the meeting, contact Chairman Steve Bailey.


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