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Branding – Start with two easy updates on your IARFC member profile

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The only real product you have to sell – to any consumer, professional or business owner – is yourself. You must differentiate yourself and the core of these differences must be reflected in your brand. Since nearly all products and services are available from your competitors – what makes you different?

Financial Products are now all commodities – look-a-likes to consumers! There are many providers of similar products with features that appear almost identical to the untrained consumer. Large organizations offer packages of financial services that all seem very much alike – and which are presented to the public in similar fashion. National institutions have giant advertising budgets that convey a message to consumers that bigger is better. Again, you must ask – what sets you apart?

The answer is you, yourself, your brand. It separates and distinguishes you. It identifies you and helps you compete. An easy place to start building your brand is your Member Profile on the IARFC website.

Currently, we are making efforts so you are more visible. The Find-a-Member link on the top of our Facebook page means consumers can get to the member profile section on the IARFC website and find a consultant in their area. In our media releases, we are making a concerted effort to link to your profile page when applicable. What does it say if your information is incomplete or worse not there?

So, your task for the month of February is to:

1. Post a picture on your member profile page if there is none.
2. Fill out the profile details or review what information you have posted and either revise it or add new details.

Just do it!


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