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Chairman’s Desk – Member Enthusiasm Promising

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From the IARFC Chairman – Steve BaileyBailey, Steve

Election News – Both Boards!
I try to keep most things simple but sometimes I need a score card readily within reach to be reminded of the players and on whose team they are playing. As you know, the IARFC has two Boards — the IARFC Board of Directors and the recently created MRFC Certification Board. Here are updates for both of them.

In July, members voted for a replacement on the MRFC Board. Congratulations to newly elected Justin Martin who brings a wide range of financial knowledge with him. The MRFC Certification Board is an important overseer of the process toward the accreditation of the MRFC designation.

This month, we are looking for those who wish to be considered for the IARFC Board. We have one position to fill. If you are interested, please answer the call for nominations and put your name forward. This Board guides the Association as a whole.

Plan Competition Ramping Up
Our 2016 invites to educators to enroll their students in the National Financial Plan Competition will be going out soon. After participating in the past competition and hosting it at the Speedway Club, I have a better understanding what this competition means to the students who invest time and effort into creating a financial plan. I saw the enthusiasm in the faces of the presenters and felt the impact that the competition had on their career path. And I was proud to be part of it.

We also have sent out the request for sponsorship. If you are looking for a way to give back to the Association and promote the future professionals of our industry, the plan competition is a worthy cause. You make it possible to give them a real world experience of what we do for our clients on a daily basis. Please continue to support us as we start the process again for 2016 –same venue, Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Contributions can be sent to the IARFC – c/o National Financial Plan Competition or call the IARFC office in Middletown, OH for more information. Our Sponsorship packet can be easily be downloaded from

Our Accreditation Commitment
You have probably heard that there is a delay in rolling out the MRFC Exam. We had to regroup somewhat and make sure that our exam is more than qualified to give the Association and individuals taking the exam the credibility they deserve. I am asking members to stay excited and committed to this path. Everyone on the accreditation team is working diligently towards this end goal – so when the time is right, we hope you flood us with calls to sign up as part of the “Pioneer Group”.

I recently discussed with a colleague Barry Ferguson about the MRFC designation and our accreditation process. In his opinion, now is a great time for the IARFC to seek this accredited status. The next three or four years will be a difficult time for financial consultants and having a sound credible designation will be helpful to set us apart.

Connect with Me!
I encourage personal communication with members. Your feedback helps me to know what members are thinking and what they need from the Association. Expressing your views and comments helps you feel part of the Association and allows us to thrive. Call me. Email me. I would love to hear your suggestions for the IARFC. I am available at 704.563.6844 or


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