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Communications Revisited for 2019

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By IARFC Chairman and CEO H. Stephen Bailey, MRFC

Recently we reviewed our communication budget to find effective ways to educate members and consumers. It all comes down to where to spend the $$$$s. From being a business owner, I can tell you this is constant evaluation and making changes. For the IARFC, some focuses will be reduced, others will be increased.

How we see improvement for 2019…
  • The Register will be published 4 times a year. Reducing the number of issues allows us to expand in other areas. It will still represent enlightened articles written by members plus Association updates.
  • Bi-monthly newsletters will be initiated. These communication contain more concise news about financial trends and stories happening now – delivered with consistency and convenience.
  • Public Service Announcements are planned for distribution to radio stations to acquaint consumers with the benefits of engaging our RFAs, RFCs and MRFCs. This I feel is mandatory to make us visible to the public.
How we are staying the same…
  • Journal of Personal Finance continues with researched articles from academic editors.
  • Media releases blasted out every month.
  • Posts to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter updated regularly.
  • Blogs written on recent events.
  • Annual Conference presented as a strong networking event. Look for registration information and plan to attend in Nashville next year.

This intricate web of IARFC news centers around a well thought out Editorial Calendar which defines our plan of action for 2019 along the ability to address current events as they happen. Tap into our information and take advantage of the member benefits.

IARFC Chairman and CEO…


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