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Congratulations to IARFCPH’s RFC® Conversion Course Graduates

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This year’s Conferment of the RFC Designation to candidates who have successfully passed the qualification requirements was held online on 19 September 2020 and live-cast on the FB Page of IARFC Philippines.

From the total number of forty-three (43) participants in the RFC Conversion Courses held in 2019, twenty-three (23) were able to complete the requirements for their designation. Five (5) finished with the distinction of Cum Laude. Of the new RFCs, nineteen (19) were from Rizal Commercial
Banking Corporation (RCBC) and four (4) were from Manulife Bacolod City.

The program started with the opening remarks of IARFCPH President Gamalielh Ariel “Boyet” Benavides; where he challenged the new RFCs to be candles that light and charm their fellow Filipinos with their knowledge, skills, and above all, professionalism as financial consultants. His speech was followed by the presentation and oath taking of the IARFCPH Board of Directors and Committee Members.

The parade of the pictures of the newly designated RFCs donned in their togas followed, and IARFCPH President Boyet Benavides officially conferred the designation of Registered Financial Consultant to the graduates.

Salutatorian Ms. Jane N. Manago, of RCBC, lead the graduates in their oath, reciting the RFC Code of Ethics. The momentous event was graced by no less than the President and CEO of Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC), Mr. Eugene S. Acevedo, who required his wealth management team to undergo and pass the RFC Conversion Course. He expressed his faith in IARFCPH to train the wealth management team of RCBC on how they can guide their clients, secure their future in this life, and the future of their loved ones in the succeeding generations. He is overjoyed knowing that IARFCPH is now led by Boyet Benavides whom he trained during their days at Citibank, and that Boyet has brought IARFCPH to a high level of distinction, thus raising the bar for the Philippine financial consulting sector.

Testimonials on the RFC Conversion Course and how it has affected their personal and professional lives were shared by Cum Laude graduates: Ronald Veneracion (ManulifeBacolod), Rochelle Gopez (RCBC), Ludy Ho (Manulife-Bacolod) and Jane Manago (RCBC). An inspiring message to IARFCPH and the newly conferred RFCs was delivered by this year’s valedictorian, Atty. Guia Margarita Santos, Division Head of Business Development – RCBC Wealth Management.

Finally, a message from IARFC Trustee Chair and CEO, Dr. H. Steven Bailey to the new RFCs was delivered via recorded video. Chairman Bailey emphasized that our practice is centered and focused on the clients, what they aspire to, and how to realize the future they desire for themselves and their loved ones. Being an RFC is to abide by high standards in dealing with clients, with peers, and the community. His message was received by the new RFCs enthusiastically – challenge accepted!

Each new RFC will receive their RFC diploma, their picture in toga and the RFC lapel pin. The event ended with a high note exchanging congratulatory messages within the live session, and also from the FB live-stream event. Even in the midst of a pandemic, RFCs thrive and remain to be relevant to the public they serve.

The current Board of IARFCPH Board of Directors and Committee Members


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