Wednesday, March 22

Dedicate Yourself to Selling

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To contrive is nothing! 
To construct is something! 
To produce is everything!
….Captain Eddie Rickenbacker,
WWI Ace Aviator



From Kinder Brothers International

We are all salespeople! Every day of our lives, we are selling our ideas, our plans, our products and our enthusiasm to everyone.

Dedicate yourself to excellence in selling! Resolve to be a winner! Declare war on mediocrity, on pessimism!

Dedicate yourself to the ideal that yours is a great profession – one that is filled with endless opportunities for service to your fellow man and with rich rewards for yourself.

Dedicate yourself to your company, your organization, and your associates. Prove your gratitude for the opportunities they have provided by giving them your best.

Dedicate yourself to the daily task of turning problems into challenges, difficulties into opportunities, lethargy into enthusiasm, and procrastination into action!

Be done with excuses! Someone has defined excuses as “the tools with which persons with no purpose in view build for themselves great monuments of nothing.”

Every day, affirm to yourself the importance of your profession. Tell yourself a hundred times a day that your work is a potential blessing to many people, essential to the economy of our nation, and vital to the welfare and happiness of you and your family.

The depth of your dedication will determine the altitude of your achievement! Sink the roots of dedication deeply into the bedrock of determined purpose, daily preparation, and detailed planning.

Good luck and good selling!




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