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Do You Need an Ethics CE Course?

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Barry Dayley, CFP, MRFC

The IARFC will be hosting a two hour Ethics Course during their 2018 conference at the Biltmore Estate Thursday, April 18, 2018 in Asheville, NC. Barry Dayley, CFP®, MRFC and Executive Vice President of Money Concepts Inc. will be teaching the session for anyone needing continuing education credits in this critical area. The title of the program:

Ethics for Financial Planners
The financial services industry is facing a great deal of scrutiny as is evidenced by the Department of Labor proposed fiduciary regulations. Keeping the best interest of the client first has never been more important, not only to do the right thing, but to operate a successful business that will attract additional clients.

“Ethical behavior should be the hallmark of every financial planning practice. It should be part of their core operating culture,” commented Dayley. “We look forward to visiting with everyone at the Biltmore Conference about this important topic.“

The learning objectives of the session are comprised of the following:

  • Define and discuss a financial planning engagement, material elements of financial planning, and the financial planning process.
  • Analyze specific fact patterns to determine if a financial planning situation exists.
  • Differentiate between the standards of care and apply each standard of care to specific factual situations.
  • Apply each Practice Standard set forth in the Financial Planning Practice Standards to a hypothetical financial planning engagement.
  • Identify the information that must be disclosed to the client in writing by a financial professional who is engaged in a financial planning relationship or providing material elements of financial planning.
  • Define the required information that must be disclosed to clients and prospective clients, when that information must be disclosed, and apply each disclosure requirement to specific factual situations.

“We are extremely pleased that Barry Dayley will be hosting this session on ethics at our conference,” related IARFC Chairman H. Stephen Bailey, MRFC. “In my opinion, ethical behavior is the foundation of anyone working in the financial services industry. It undergoes the utmost scrutiny when vetting designation applications to our Association.”

In addition to Barry Dayley’s presentation, the conference includes an impressive lineup of industry leaders – featuring Keynote Speaker Ric Edelman, RFC® of Edelman Financial Services. Executive leaders from the Philippines and China round out the presenters making it truly an international event.

“Learning from this illustrious group while exploring the estate of the Vanderbilt family is an inspiring experience,” continues Bailey. “Our conference is an appropriate venue to combine education with relaxation and family fun. Join us as we encounter the opulent, vibrant setting of the Biltmore.”

For a complete list of presenters, visit the IARFC website. Registration is open now. Take advantage of discounted room rates and early registration discounts.


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