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Fall Issue of the Register Available Now

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The International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC®) has completed the Fall Issue of the Register, a national industry member benefit publication online at This Register explores the theme of “Financial Literacy” and how consultants work to educate their clients and themselves.

Leadership Roles

Inside the publication are hiring opportunities for Region Directors. These leadership roles will be instrumental in advancing the Association over the next 1-3 years. In his Trustee’s Chair article, Trustee Chair H. Stephen Bailey, Ph.D., MRFC® discusses the “Value of Trust” involved in being a leader – whether it pertains to the Association or a consultant’s personal practice.

Kurt Schroeder, RFC®, is introduced in the Member Focus Section. He is an excellent example of someone utilizing his experience and knowledge from his first career and transitioning it into a second career in financial services. Coming from a nursing background where developing care plans for patients, he is used to combining the data and emotional factors and coming up with detailed plan of action to achieve results. This serves him well as he connects to his niche market of healthcare professionals as potential clients. Kurt is also the first Region Director for the IARFC.

Additional contributed articles include:

  • Why Financial Literacy? And the Foundation It Stands On.
  • Are You a Student of the Industry?
  • Content Marketing to Turn Followers into Clients
  • I’m in Sales. Is Education Really Necessary?
  • Our Nation is in Trouble and We are a Big Part of the Problem
  • The Financial Education Deficit

Other Register Highlights

The New Issue of the Journal of Personal Finance is available. It can be downloaded free by members or a hard copy purchased through the IARFC Store.   

The National Financial Plan Competition is looking for Individual and Corporate Sponsors as it conducts the 2022 competition. Supporting the Competition is a great way for giving back to the industry and investing in the next generation of Financial Consultants. Sponsorship information can be found on the IARFC website.

The IARFC is looking for nominations for the Founder’s Award. Review the qualifications, download the form and submit a name for consideration.

Internationally, the Philippines Chapter has wrapped up Season 3 of its Podcast Series featuring international speakers. Links to all the podcasts can be found on the IARFCPH website page.

“We appreciate the time and effort extended by the US Chapter in contributing to the International Podcast Series,” commented Sir Gamalielh Ariel Benavides, RFC®, President of the IARFC Philippines Chapter and part of the Podcast Interview Team. “The connections of the chapters are strengthened through the exchange of practical ideas, common to Financial Consultants no matter where they are located.”

To access the Register, visit the IARFC website. Those interested in sharing with others about their practice and being published can reach out to editor Susan Cappa at A new Editorial Calendar for 2022 has is ready. Consider contributing for the February 2022 Winter Issue.


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