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Fall Register Now Available

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2020 Fall
Money Management

We have completed the Fall issue of the Register, our national industry member benefit publication online at This edition features articles centered around Money Management – mostly how to help clients handle their budgets.

Gamalielh Ariel “Boyet” Benavides, RFC® from the Philippines Chapter is the IARFC Member Profile for this issue. Emerging from the reorganization of the Philippines Chapter, he is the president of the Chapter Board of Directors and has been leading his dedicated RFC associates in reinventing the IARFC in the Philippines. The IARFC Board of Trustees and Home Office share in his enthusiasm for promoting the RFC designation in his country and supports the Chapter’s efforts to uphold the IARFC Mission.

Contributed articles include:

  • Helping Clients Set and Manage Budgets by Michael Tove, RFC®
  • Creating a Financial Roadmap by Bradley K. Maples, Sr., MRFC®
  • Consultants Can Help Consumers and Thrive Using Marketing Discoveries Made During COVID19 by Jorge Villar
  • Help Clients to Be Better Money Managers by Jeremy B. Nason, RFC®
  • Setting Clients’ Budgets That Work by Bryan Slovon, MRFC®
  • Guess What Doesn’t Decline in Volatile Markets by Bryce Sanders
  • Budget Cash Management System by Jamie Bosse, RFC®

In his Trustee’s Chair address, H. Stephen Bailey, Ph.D., MRFC® talks about the family values of the IARFC and how the Home Office is coping with work and family life. He announces the new Ethics Exam and speaks to his plan for change in 2021.

Exciting news is the New Ethics Exam Requirement. Members will learn the details on how the exam will be administered when applying for membership or renewing. All exam questions are based on the IARFC Code of Ethics and will need to be successfully competed to obtain the “Ethics Approved Status”.

Internationally, this Register has encouraging pictures from International Chapters. Some groups are reconvening after COVID19 while others are still working remotely. Pictures highlight the groups of International RFCs, their programs, and meetings.

To access the Register, visit the IARFC website. Note that our next Register (February 2021) will be devoted to those who have become Master Registered Financial Consultants (MRFC). Those MRFCs interested in relating to others about why they obtained the credential can reach out to editor Susan Cappa at


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