Sunday, September 24
A Growing Global Community

Financial Association Redefines Itself for Future Positioning

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The International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC) has recently overhauled its By-Laws, touching every aspect of the Association rules thus committing to a serious focus on future expansion and positioning. Board Members voted in favor of these changes that will take place immediately.

The fundamental structure of the Board was changed, creating a Board of Trustees and a blueprint for Chapter Boards of Directors that will encompass the US and international chapters, bringing them under the umbrella of a truly global organization.

At the foundation of this structure is the future formation of regions that will support grass roots efforts to increase membership. Each chapter has the ability to nurture dynamic individuals in a designated area to set up their own regions and share in the revenue of increased membership.

Board of Trustees Chair and CEO H. Stephen Bailey, MRFC®

“It’s an incentive we have to offer,” explained the now Board of Trustees Chair and CEO, H. Stephen Bailey, MRFC®. “We cannot continue to operate nationally, even globally, with just concentrated efforts in Middletown. We need to expand our thought process on a bigger scale.”

The Association will not deviate from its core mission – “To recognize world class financial consultants and empower them to make a transformational difference in the financial lives of the families and communities they serve.” That is still the main reason to be.

“It has its organizational challenges in the short run,” continues Bailey. “However, we will emerge stronger and more able to strategize a long term plan of action. This could not have been put off indefinitely or just continued on business as usual if we wanted to increase our membership and our scope of influence. I know this is the right path.”

Another task to undertake is the reassignment of current Board Members. “You will see a changing of positions within the Association – Board Members will be moved and more leaders needed,” Bailey pointed out. “I want to see more diversity on our Boards and I hope that when a call for nominations is issued, we will have a broader representation of members answer.”

A copy of the new By-Laws is publicly available on the IARFC website. Any comments can be directed to the IARFC at


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