Thursday, July 25
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Financial Services Association Adds New Member Benefit

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The International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC®) announces a Strategic Partnership with Advisor Controls for its Retirement Plan Simulator (RPS) – an easy to use solution for understanding and advancing clients’ retirement income stories. Members will receive a benefit offering of $20 off per month of their subscription fees.

In just minutes consultants can input data and walk their client through the retirement planning process using their Retirement Plan Simulator, engaging clients in every step of the way through setting retirement goals, presenting portfolio strengths, reviewing proposals, and running simulations.

Many of today’s tools are inefficient, failing to provide simple navigation, robust graphics and the evidence required to meet fiduciary standards. RPS addresses all of these issues while simultaneously enhancing a client’s understanding of various products and the rationale for using them. It creates a unique format for transparently managing risk for consultants and supervisory firms.

The Simulator uses innovative retirement income cash flow hierarchy technology (RICH technology) to create solutions that:

  • Accurately solve for target income needs,
  • Incorporate time segmentation (income phasing) appropriate asset mixes, and annuity income riders,
  • Identify variability in each product return,
  • Create statistically supported (Monte Carlo Simulation-tested) planning outcomes, and
  • Enhance the sustainability of a portfolio’s income distributions.

This innovative technology creates the statistical evidence that a client, consultant, and supervising firm need to optimize retirement planning outcomes. It naturally aligns with fiduciary standards by helping consultants engage with their clients as they move through a step-by-step storyboard.

“Advisor Controls is the newest additions to our growing list of Association member benefits,” commented Randy Kriner, Strategic Alliance Committee Team Member. “Their RPS system easily constructs, illustrates and delivers the optimal blend of guaranteed income products and traditional assets. “

To have access to this new benefit and all the others the Association offers, go to for more information on the qualifications for membership.


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