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Guidelines you may want to reinforce…

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The November Register will have an article entitled Advising Your Clients on Pension Plan Options. Below is an exert. You can read it in its entirety in the November issue coming out soon…


By Jeff Rattiner, RFC

There are certain guidelines that you may want to re-enforce to your client when selecting a pension plan option.   You should include the following:

• Don’t select an option if you don’t understand how it works.

• Keep your retirement planning as simple as possible.

• Be sure that whoever advises you is technically competent and professionally qualified to perform the analysis of your options.

• Never make a decision as important as selecting your retirement plan option when you are under pressure.

• Get the information about your retirement plan choices from your employer well in advance of your planned retirement date.

• In all cases, opt for the most conservative, cost effective choice. Your retirement is not the time in your life to be taking unnecessary chances.

• As a final thought, you may want to call in an employee benefit specialist, pension plan designer or insurance professional to help the client analyze the options facing him or her.


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