Wednesday, November 29
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IARFC Appreciation Award Given to Two Team Members

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From IARFC Trustee Chair and CEO, H. Stephen Bailey, MRFC®

As the IARFC Trustee Chair, I am very pleased to recognize two individuals of the Home Office who have worked diligently for the Association on special projects, in addition to their regular workload.

Charlotte Isbell, our Chief Operating Officer and Susan Cappa, our Public Relations Representative, have been instrumental in completing the MRFC accreditation through the NCCA… and in reorganizing our international chapter structure – starting with the Philippines, two very complex undertakings.

In acknowledging their perseverance, I can attest that these projects were completed with minimal guidance and supervision – a tribute to their teamwork and ability to navigate through difficult and multi-dimensional tasks.

Their tenacity in understanding the overall goals, developing plans, and meeting timelines has led to positive, successful outcomes.

To both Charlotte and Susan, I present this Award of Appreciation and thank them for their contribution to the IARFC. Congratulations!


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