Wednesday, November 29
A Growing Global Community

Our Strategic Plan

In a world of constant economic, political and social change consumers need the help of financial advisors in order to achieve financial security and independence. We will increase the number of qualified professionals to provide this essential guidance and service through the selection and improvement of advisors who are ethical, educated, effective, efficient and current with the latest techniques and tools.

OUR GOALS & OBJECTIVES Selection – The IARFC screens qualified persons who possess high standards of ethics, education, examination, licensure, experience, professional practice record and continuing education. The IARFC will:

    Attract RFA candidates from institutions with undergraduate curriculums.
    Attract RFC applicants from those completing qualifying Certificate programs.
    Attract RFC applicants from those with relevant financial degrees.
    Enroll students in on-line and classroom supported financial curriculums.
    Obtain support and endorsement from financial planning educators.
    Attract RFC applicants with extensive industry experience meeting the criteria.
    Screen applicants for specialty financial advisory designations.

Competency – IARFC members maintain their competency through meaningful continuing education in all the topics necessary to effectively serve the public. The IARFC will:

    Offer professional continuing education conferences for members.
    Joint venture with other professional association conferences.
    Offer online or correspondence based professional education.
    Joint venture with other professional and academic education providers.

Strengthen the Profession – The IARFC promotes the image of financial planning and counseling through cooperative professional relationships with other specialty and industry organizations. The IARFC will:

    Work cooperatively with other professional associations.
    Encourage multiple professional designations and credentials.
    Encourage mutual participation with other professional conferences.
    Participate in the development of international standards for financial planning.

Public Advocacy – The IARFC advocates awareness, policies, regulations and legislation to benefit the general public. The IARFC will:

    Improve the climate for investments, insurance and employee benefits.
    Encourage effective legislation, regulation and administration.
    Provide coverage of tax and regulatory actions to its members.
    Increase the public perception of the credentialed financial advisor.
    Increase the public awareness for the need for a personal financial plan.

Recognition of Members – The IARFC helps to increase the recognition of its designations, values and continuing education. The IARFC will:

    Increase the recognition of the IARFC by the financial services media.
    Increase the recognition of RFC by the general public media.
    Increase the recognition by other professional associations.
    Provide quality materials for use by association members.
    Assist members in gaining favorable local media recognition.

Strategic Alliances – The IARFC fosters alliances that enhance the members and their capacity to serve the public. The IARFC will:

    Expand the number of member benefits from strategic alliances.
    Increase member understanding of the value of IARFC strategic alliances.
    Improve the perception of the IARFC as a valued strategic partner.
    Enhance the image of the IARFC through well chosen partnerships.

Organizational Efficiency – The IARFC effectively uses its resources to address the needs of its members and the public. The IARFC will:

    Enhance communications between the IARFC and its members.
    Increase the use of technology to facilitate effective communications.
    Establish affiliate relationships to expand IARFC activities worldwide.
    Increase the quality of participation by all officers and directors.
    Encourage more volunteer participation by all association members.