Monday, February 26
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Is Your Office a Turn On for Clients?

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Thanks to Steve Bailey and his review of what makes a comfortable, workable and professional office environment…

When meeting the public – first impressions count and can make a difference. A successful person needs to LOOK successful. A competent person needs to LOOK competent.

What about your office? Have you looked around with an objective eye and taken stock of your important surroundings? Imagine yourself as a client coming in for the first time and then review this list.

Location – How easy is your office to find? Is it accessible? When choosing a location remember that if a client arrives unhappy with their trip, they more than likely will be unhappy with you. Traffic flow is an important factor. It can cause stress and anger in minutes.

Parking – Is there adequate parking available? No one enjoys the hunt for a place to park or trying to find their vehicle when leaving.

Accessibility – No matter what your client base, handicap accessibility will be important as some point. Are there unimpeded walkways to the building? Landscape trimmed and tidy?

Security – How secure is the building – surveillance cameras? secured doors with dialed entry? alarms? The client needs to feel secure for both themselves AND their information.

Lobby Presentation – The client or prospect truly gets their first impression of you as they enter your building. Welcome each clients with a personalized message as they enter or while they wait.

Equipment – In this day of technology, everyone – no matter age or stature, knows that state-of-the-art tools are vital. Keep what the clients will see up-to-date and well maintained.

Decor – Varies widely from consultant, region and local attractions. Awards and designations are displayed throughout the office (non-product).

Cleanliness – No amount of decoration, technology, or comfort will be appreciated unless your office is clean and well maintained.

Refreshments – It is important to provide a variety of refreshments as each client is unique.

Space – The ability to move about in your office is important to keep the client and staff relaxed. Most people do not like the feeling of being “on top” of one another.

Main Board Room – Is the most prestigious and expensive. Prospects gain their opinions of the way you conduct business. Technology, seating and overall decor should combine comfort with respect.

Small Board Room – Is more formal and less personal for families, sales reps and inner-office meetings.

Client Meeting Room – Should be small and personal to meet the clients on a one-to-one basis. It should be the least intimidating, set up in living room style with some of your accomplishments displayed.

Perhaps as Spring has just arrived, it is time to revamp and redecorate. Have someone else appraise your surroundings. In any event, you are spending a lot of time in these spaces. They should work for your clients AND for you!


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