Sunday, April 21
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Listen to IARFC Philippines International Podcasts – Season 3.

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The IARFC Philippines has just finished their international season of their Tuesday Podcast. Visit the IARFC Philippines Home Page to listen to what our consultants have to say!

  • Barry Dayley, MRFC® – Build a Practice Based on Trust
  • Jamie A. Bosse, RFC® – Focusing on the Younger Generation of Clients
  • Dr. Jeffrey Chiew, RFC® – Opportunities in Challenging Times
  • Ronnie L. Kaymore, RFC® – Niche Marketing
  • Dr. Craig Lemoine, MRFC® – Producing a Financial Plan
  • Michael J. Markey, MRFC® – Expanding Your Practice
  • Nicholas Royer, MRFC® – Marketing How to Have a Never-Ending Stream of Clients In Your Pipeline

Thanks to the Philippines Interview and Production Team for making this season possible!


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