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Look Deeper into the World of Fact Finding & Discovery

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FactFindingwithconsultantEvery consultant has a different attitude when it comes to the Fact Finding and Discovery process for their specific clientele. No two consultants are going to take exactly the same approach.

Get the real story on how to draw the much needed information from your Clients.


DownloaCoverHowFindthefactsd your “Free”
How to Find the Facts  white paper!






Topics Include

  • Fact Finding
  • Not a Do-It-Yourself Project, Discovery—A Process
  • Why Conduct Discovery
  • When To Conduct Discovery
  • Listening Practices
  • Being an Active Listener
  • Being a Good Questioner
  • The Power of Questions
  • Advanced Skills
  • Ending Result—It’s All the Same
  • The Last Word



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