Tuesday, March 28

Meet our Newly Elected US Chapter Board Members

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The International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC) announces the results of their recent US Chapter Board elections. These experienced and committed individuals assume their leadership positions as the Association moves into 2020 with a specific agenda in advocating membership in the IARFC®.

Re-elected for a second term
Rick Stanzione, RFC® of RR Group Inc. in Ogden UT will continue to promote the goals of the Association through his continued role as a Board Director and by participating in various IARFC committees.

New Director
Lisa Ford, MRFC® of Money Concepts in Dallas, TX will support the mission of the Association by identifying additional services and products to help build consultant practices thus enhancing member benefits.

New Director
Lemuel Kornegay III, RFC® of Money Concepts in Golden, CO will focus and structure the Association services and support to member consultants and assistants, thus resulting in better client service.

New Director
Robert Laraia, RFC® of Northstar Wealth Partners, LLC. in West Hartford, CT intends to support the IARFC through membership promotion with an additional focus on ethics and education.

New Director
Robert Miller, RFC® of Money Concepts in Indianapolis, IN will pursue education events within his network, universities in Indiana, utilize social media to promote, and attend conferences in the financial services industry to further educate others to the value of the Association.

“These Directors will take their place on the Board during a time of targeted expansion of the US Chapter,” explains IARFC Trustee Board Chair, H. Stephen Bailey, MRFC®. “We intend to set up a system of grass roots regions to generate members as their #1 goal. I look forward to their ideas and direction for accomplishing this in 2020.”

In addition to these Board Members’ individual intentions, the Board collectively will support the designations and credentials awarded by the Association – which remains the main benefit.  Equally important is the Ethics Approved Program that provides a consultant and client “safety net” when promoting professional services.

For more information on the Association and the IARFC US Chapter Board of Directors, visit the IARFC website.


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