Saturday, May 18
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MyRepChat – New Member Benefit

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Announcing a new Strategic Partnership with Ionlake, LLC for its fully compliant SMS texting platform, MyRepChat. Members will receive the discount pricing of $15 per month per account on the services as one of the many benefits available to Association members.

Ionlake is a leader in customer management software. They boast 40 years of developing software, 15 years of professional experience in the Financial Services Industry, and over 1 million lines of written code. MyRepChat is their solution to compliant SMS texting where consultants can message their clients without having to worry about compliance laws and the security of their information.

MyRepChat was created by an advisor who through no fault of his own received text messages from his clients. After repeatedly telling the client it was not an approved way to communicate and he could not responds or interact through a text, MyRepChat was thus created to be a communication platform, not just a compliance approved texting tool. The features and integrations built in are proof that there was an advisor involved in the development.

MyRepChat specifically includes:

  • Text and Group Messaging: Birthdays, anniversaries, events, appointments and more. Clients will never have to download an app or software to communicate with the consultant.
  • Compliance Features: Communication is directly with the consultant’s compliance department ensuring that messages are properly monitored and retained.
  • Scheduling Function: Ability to plan and schedule messages in the future and create recurring messages to celebrate important dates.
  • Digital Assistant: Scheduled, automated and efficient client communication leaving the consultant for more time to do what they do best.
  • Contact Import: Easy import of contacts from CRM or mobile phone to being texted immediately. Conversations will be instantly archived in the CRM.
  • Auto-Forward: If a landline number is non-existent, MyRepChat can create a text number and auto-forward all calls to a number of choice,

“The IARFC is constantly looking for member benefits to enhance its offerings to the members,” remarked Randy Kriner, Strategic Alliance Committee Team Member. “We recognize the impressive functionality of MyRepChat and encourage members to investigate its potential for workload reduction.”


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