Tuesday, March 28

National Financial Plan Competition Report…. or a fun time at the Speedway!

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By Susan Cappa, IARFC Public Relations

Last week I found myself at Charlotte Motor Speedway facilitating our National Financial Plan Competition.  First let me say that the support from Speedway personnel was PHE-NO-ME-NAL.  They were pros in handling any situation and I quickly warmed up to genuine North Carolina hospitality – y’all.


IARFC Chairman H. Stephen Bailey addresses the students and guests

Day 1
…consisted of CE presentations from Barry Dayley of Money Concepts – a Corporate Sponsor, IARFC President Pete D’Arruda, IARFC Vice Chairman and Event Emcee Nicholas Royer, and our Speedway host Stephanie Bailey.  These presentations were geared toward our young financial professionals who were just starting their careers. As one professor told me later – he could talk to his students all day long about concepts but hearing it from experienced RFCs on hand made a big impression.

After presentations, we filmed promotional videos with professors and “Coach Pete” in the lounge of the Speedway Club.  What was really impressive was just walking into the area with a ceiling to floor vista of the track – an awesome backdrop for lunch.  It made me envious of those who enjoy the spectacle of racing and filled grandstands on race day.  Not us however – all was quiet.


Winner’s Circle at Charlotte Motor Speedway

A bucket list item for racing fans would be our van tour  that navigated the multiple tracks contained within the compound.  We saw drag strips, dirt tracks, go carts courses and ultimately ended up on the main concourse banking around the turns with purses and cameras rolling about as our driver picked up speed.  Our group ended up in the winner’s circle for photo souvenirs of a fun day. Even if you weren’t a racing aficionado – you were impressed.

Day 2
…was a bit more subdued as the students prepared to be judged on their plan content and presentation.  Each team had 30 minutes, followed by critique from the judges.  More filming of interviews – from the students this time,  lunch and then back to our feature presentation – the topic being Ethics.  Who better to give that talk than the 2016 Dunton Award winner, the IARFC Treasurer Jon Rogers.

The results of this year’s competition:


L-R Anthony Pelaez, Cole Brownell, Molly Funk, Chairman Steve Bailey, Daniel Ingles, Grant Hulett

The Checkered Flag and First Place Winner: Molly Funk from Bryant University in Smithfield, RI – Mara Derderian Lecturer

Second Place: Daniel Ingles and Grant Hulett from Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, MI – Douglas Iles Professor

Third Place: Cole Brownell and Anthony Pelaez from California State University Northridge, Northridge, CA – Inga Chira Professor.

I had wished throughout the competition that the messages given during these two days were available to all those starting out in financial services.  With the added attraction of networking with some very interesting, successful and fun individuals, everyone went home enhanced in some way.  If you have never had the opportunity to see the IARFC in action – the National Financial Plan Competition is a must on your agenda.

Congrats to the winner and thanks to all the IARFC Corporate and Individual Sponsors for your support!



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