Tuesday, March 28

National Financial Plan Finalists Make Their Way to Nashville

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From Susan Cappa
IARFC Public Relations and
National Financial Plan Competition Coordinator…

The 2019 IARFC National Financial Plan Competition was the best year ever in terms of participating universities and received plans. The Board of Directors has scored all 6 video presentation and those selected to continue on are:

  • Rebecca Boyle, University of North Texas – Professor Dave Ragan
  • Drake Uplinger and Nick Urban, Central Michigan University – Professor Mark Van Voorhees
  • Kylee Nelson and Baily Misbach, Utah Valley University – Dr. Luke Dean Professor

During the semi-finals, the teams went through their financial plan with the  “Hathaway couple” and  then were thrown surprise questions at the end. All three teams have been notified and sent instructions on making their way to Nashville for the Finals on March 21 at the IARFC Annual Conference.

Dr. Luke Dean of Utah Valley University expressed his opinion of the competition:

The IARFC case study competition has been a wonderful experience for our students (not just the ones that were able to advance).  The case study helped create some great learning experiences and opportunities for students both in and out of the classroom, and helped students see how professionals are trying to implement the things they know towards the ultimate goal of helping a family accomplish their goals, hopes, and dreams.

I was impressed with the enthusiasm the students showed for a fictional client, and the amount of hours the students put into working on the case, learning the software, and trying to figure out how to best help this fictional family.  If the students were willing to work this hard for a fictional family, rest assured they will become professionals that will work hard to serve their actual clients.

For the IARFC, these comments from Dr. Dean are the reason the Association supports the Competition. Giving potential financial professionals a way to get “real world experience” is the goal.

A big thanks to Money Concepts International and Money Guide Pro for their Corporate Sponsorship. Their commitment to the Next Generation of Financial consultants is inspiring.

2018 National Financial Plan Competition Corporate Sponsor



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