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Newest Board Member – Michael Markey, Jr. MRFC – the May/June Register Feature Cover

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With an established belief that “the client should come first and everything else will fall in line,” Markey focuses on helping clients near retirement leave their financial legacy.

After realizing that he did not fit in well with traditional financial institutions, Markey, as a self described “stubborn” millennial, ignored the advice of his mentor about starting his own company and thus Legacy Financial Network was born.

On the subject of tapping into mentors when starting a business, Markey states:

“Leaning from successes and failures of grandparents, parents, in-laws…has been huge. And trying to take in from our team at Legacy who is mostly older, offers more guidance than any of them probably know.”

The backbone of Legacy is that Markey likes to be around people who believe what he believes…like-minded, life-valued individuals The goal is to change lives by changing the way people think and view money. Their entire system is about re-framing how clients regard monetary goals. He feels that we were built and designed to put more emphasis and importance on something that has more meaning. He knows it probably turns some people off but that is OK. “Call me provincial, explains Markey, “But I like what I know.”

While doing his best for his clients, Markey is a fairly new member of the IARFC Board of Directors. He recently participated in the annual IARFC Board Meeting and Conference at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. The IARFC Chairman and CEO H. Stephen Bailey, MRFC comments:

“The conference gave me the opportunity to see Michael in action. He is a young, bright, tenacious individual who sees problems and their solutions in creative ways. I feel fortunate to have him as part of our Board.”

A more fun undertaking for Markey is hosting a radio program with his wife, Vanessa entitled “Fireproof Your Retirement” – a yin/yang presentation approach of a married couple working out financial issues. Explains Markey:

“She makes the show more fun and more relatable because she doesn’t get stuck in the finance talk and the math life I sometimes do. I know that I’ve been married just long enough to know I should never assume I know what my wife will say.”

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