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Our Ethics Approval Program Highly Successful in Ethical Transparency

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We are pleased to report that our recently initiated Ethics Approval Program has resulted in over 1200 members receiving the rating of “Ethics Approved”. Those Financial Consultants who have earned this status meet the high standards of ethical transparency necessary in today’s financial services environment.

Designated members, (RFC®, RFA®) need to have a clean record for the preceding five (5) years in order to qualify for the Ethics Approved Program. Those who meet these standards will receive an embossed seal stating they are “Ethics Approved” with the year of the review and is effective for two years.

“I am certainly delighted to see the approval rate of our members so far,” commented IARFC Chairman H. Stephen Bailey, MRFC. “We are committed to giving our members value-added benefits for their membership. This approval rating process is just one of the programs we offer to our Association consultants.”

To obtain this level of confidence, the IARFC Team reviews all RFC®, RFA® membership renewals submitted to the Association and rewards members for their long-term commitment to the IARFC Code of Ethics. They check FINRA records, state licensing records and even conduct an internet search of each member’s name. Reviewed history includes personal or business bankruptcieEthicss, compromised credit issues, any pending customer disputes, regulatory events and/or criminal misdemeanors or felonies.

Since the program’s inception in September of 2016, the IARFC has developed branding items to for members to convey this elevated status to their prospects and clients. Vicki Caplinger in IARFC Membership Services, weighed in on the significance of the these items and how the members can utilize their approved status.

“Members receive Ethics Approved branding recognition in the form of digital logos, embossed seals and sample media releases. Additionally they can purchase desk plaques for display available online at the IARFC store.”

Consider visiting the IARFC store and find out about how to brand your “Ethics Approved” status.





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