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Registration Opens for IARFC® 2020 National Financial Plan Competition

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The International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC) invites educators to register for the 2020 National Financial Plan Competition (NFPC). Undergraduate students enrolled in a financial services curriculum have traditionally competed in this “real world” experience through the crafting of a financial plan for a “fictional family”.

The case study narrative of the family is full of numbers and scenarios that will be interpreted by the students and presented to their pretend clients while being review by a panel of judges. The Competition has three phases:

  1. Preliminary Judging – Plans are reviewed for accuracy of numbers and the ability to follow directions (narrowed down to 6 student teams)
  2. Semi-Finals – Student teams present their plans in a recorded webinar session for judges to review (narrowed down to 3 teams)
  3. Finals – Student teams present in-person at an IARFC live conference or meeting.
Student Team Presenting to “Fictional Clients” during the Finals of
the National Financial Plan Competition.

Students will have access to an educational version of MoneyGuide software – a dedicated sponsor for many years.

“In supporting the National Financial Plan Competition, we feel we are giving value to the next generation of consultants,” commented Colin Yackel, Training Specialist at MoneyGuide. “MoneyGuide introduces the students to an industry popular tool that will be useful to them as they progress through their financial consultant career track.”

Entry phase deadlines for educators and students are:

  • September 16   Participation agreement and registration due from educators
  • September 20   Complete list of student participants due from educators
  • September 26   Case study and software sent to students
  • November 13    Financial plans due at the IARFC home office

“I have had my students participate in this competition and appreciate the value of the experience,” remarks Dr. Craig Lemoine, University of Illinois – the professor of the team who made it to the Finals at the 2018 Competition at the Biltmore Estate in Ashville, NC. “It challenged my students in the classroom and during their Finals presentation in front of experience professionals. I support the IARFC in continuing this competition and encourage all educators to register.”

In 2020, the Finals of the Competition will be held in Cincinnati, OH. Exact time and venue information will be determined at a later date.

Educators can sign up for an informational webinar about the Competition by the IARFC. Contact Vicki Caplinger, IARFC National Financial Plan Coordinator to schedule a session. 

For specific details on the IARFC and the National Financial Plan Competition or to register, download the 2020 Details and Rules and Participation Agreement. Deadline is September 16!


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