Thursday, July 25
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RFC® Designation Fulfills Eligibility Criteria for Five Star Wealth Manager Award

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Five Star Professional joins forces with city and regional magazines to make research results available to consumers and promote Five Star-designated professionals in more than 45 markets across the United States.

Roger.colorlargeIn the October 2015 issue of Cincinnati magazine, Roger Ford, RFC® of Conservative Financial Solutions located in Harrison, OH is pictured in the publication’s section dedicated to 2015 Cincinnati Five Star Wealth Managers.

A three year recipient of the award, Roger does not take his responsibility as a financial advisor lightly.

I work to protect and preserve my client’s nest egg which represents their blood, sweat and tears.  In being a member of IARFC, this showcases my integrity and dedication to work to conservatively plan my client’s retirement income and financial future.  I have enjoyed being a member of the IARFC for many years and my business, Conservative Financial Solutions, would not be where we are today if it wasn’t for this affiliation.”…Roger Ford, RFC®

So… how does your RFC® designation work for you?

Note: Five Star Professional conducts market research to define and promote professional excellence in the professions they serve. The Five Star designation assists consumers in selecting a service profession


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