Tuesday, March 28

RightCapital – New Member Benefit for IARFC Members

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Announcing another NEW BENEFIT for the IARFC members – a Strategic Partnership with RightCapital, LLC for its next generation financial planning software that allows consultants to do more planning in less time with its innovative features. Members will receive a benefit offering of 10% discount off any RightCapital plan.

The RightCapital Story
After 15 years working with financial consultants on investment, insurance and annuity products, RightCapital co-founder Shuang Chen quit his job as Vice President at Prudential Financial and started RightCapital along with his younger brother Song Chen, a technology guru in the financial service industry. Their goal was to create a solution that uses complex and robust models to solve clients’ problems but present the results in a simple and intuitive way.

After three years of thinking, designing, and building, RightCapital launched their innovative financial planning and tax-aware solution in September 2015. A raft of favorable reviews from industry experts and financial trade publications came flowing in. Today, the much-expanded RightCapital team continues to evolve their product, listening to its users and working to perfect the solution. Their mantra – “We make financial planning simply sophisticated.”

RightCapital Features
RightCapital innovative features positively impact the consultant’s business by helping clients in the following areas:  

  • Retirement, Education, Insurance: Powerful, interactive projection tools to prepare clients for retirement and plan for different contingencies.
  • Social Security and Medicare: Helps clients maximize their Social Security benefits and understand the impact of decisions about Medicare.
  • Digital Onboarding: Allows consultants to interface with onboard clients quickly, including the ability for clients to enter their own data.
  • Tax Efficient Distribution: Shows clients how they can save money using tax efficient strategies for distributing their assets such as Roth conversions.
  • Budgeting and Debt: Provides clients tools to manage their spending and illustrate options for paying down debt including student loans.
  • Account Aggregation: Links clients’ bank accounts, credit cards, and externally-held investment accounts so they have a full financial picture.

“We welcome RightCapital to our growing list of Association benefits,” remarked Randy Kriner, Strategic Alliance Committee Team Member. “Their services are well grounded by the experience of their founders and a dedicated, knowledgeable support team.”

To have access to this new benefit and all the others the Association offers, go to www.iarfc.org for more information on the qualifications for membership.


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