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Ron Pullman, RFC® – Financial Consultant, Musician, Songwriter

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currentregisterOur cover interview in the July/August issue of the Register acquaints us with Ron Pullman RFC®, of Pullman Financial Corporation – a multi-faceted individual who has been serving clients for over 25 years. Strip away the corporate financial consultant layers and Ron Pullman’s alter ego – the musician, songwriter and performer can be found.

Ron started in the insurance industry by learning everything possible about his craft. He credits many mentors along the way specifically his father Bill Pullman. According to Ron, his father who died when Ron was in his early 20s, left him with a lifetime of knowledge that he would need and call on regularly to be successful. “My father,” Ron remembers, “Would always say that you can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”

The consultant side of Ron feels that properly educating the client is a commitment to excellence of service. His website maintains a comprehensive client portal that endeavors to instruct clients on financial issues. Helping his client navigate and make sense of the vast amount of instant information is vital to creating a financial strategy.

“I have been able to take my experiences and talents and combine them into a valuable business service for select clients,” explains Ron. “My background in finance was well established and I’m the creative type, always looking for different ways to achieve my client’s goals.”

BookAlong with helping individual clients, Ron’s passion today is helping businesses large or small run efficiently and effectively using new tax laws and products designed for the business application.  It inspired him to write his first book that sold over 15,000 copies to date Private Split Dollar Strategies for Tax Busting Solutions.


Ron-005Ron describes himself as an “infotainer” – where music, money and entertainment management converge. Because he is a songwriter, musician and performer, he is well aware of the pitfalls and the complexities of that profession. He took his financial and business experience, combined it with his on-the-scene musical entertainment knowledge and advises those clients with information from the best of both worlds. As another service, he offers entertainment management because of his natural experience and first hand involvement in those categories.

“I enjoy reading about the diversity of our members,” said IARFC Chairman H. Stephen Bailey, MRFC. “When you are a well-rounded individual with passions in your life such as Ron, you can better understand and support the daydreams and hopes of your clients. Enriching their lives is what we are about.”


To read the entire article on Ron Pullman, RFC® and his diverse, passionate interests, go to and download the Jul/Aug issue of the Register.


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