Monday, February 26
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Spring 2020 Issue of Financial Publication Available Now

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The International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC®) has completed the Spring issue of the Register, a national industry member benefit publication online at This edition reflects the editorial content of “Wealth Management and Protection” which gathers strategies and recommendations from industry professionals.

Amy Sheesley, MRFC® and Michael Saltiel, MRFC® of Saltiel Wealth Management are the focus for the Register profile this issue. Saltiel Wealth Management is a client centric Financial Planning Wealth and Management firm whose mission is to “Inspire intelligent tweaks to cause freedom, confidence and prosperity for their clients”.

The results presentation of the IARFC National Financial Plan Competition are covered along with a personal message from Barry Dayley, MRFC® – Corporate Sponsor Awards Presenter.

In his virtual address to the students, Dayley gives this advice to the Finalist Teams, “You have the opportunity of serving people of all ages and stations in life. Done well, you help them get the most out of life, create opportunities that they otherwise would never have, and guide their money through the most risky journeys. Without this guidance, income to assets is frequently squandered or lost.”

Following the guidelines of this issue’s theme, there are articles on Fixed Annuities, Wealth Protection, Risk Management, Succession Needs and Estate Planning, and Exit Planning from experienced consultants. Articles discussing the how the effects of COVID-19 are affecting clients and consultants are timely and informative.

Internationally, the Register features updates from the chapters as to the status of restrictions due to COVID-19 in their respective countries. Most are adapting their services virtually for safety of their clients and themselves.

From the Trustee Chair and CEO, H. Stephen Bailey, MRFC®, a discussion on facing the challenges for consultants and the IARFC Team in keeping business as usual during COVID-19.

“We always knew what we had to do growing up in the North Carolina Mountains during times of struggle. You just trusted in people to pull together as a community.”

Balancing out the Spring Edition are columns from IARFC Team members, MRFC credential updates, and coverage of the IARFC Appreciation Awards.

To access the Register, visit the IARFC website. Those interested in teaching others about their practice and being published can reach out to Susan Cappa at, editor. There are opportunities open for Summer and Fall editions.

“We are looking for our younger IARFC members to submit articles for the August Issue theme of Next Gen,” noted Ms. Cappa. “It’s a great way to get recognized nationally.”



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