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Spring Issue of Financial Publication Recounts Annual Conference

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The International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC®) highlights the events from the 2019 Annual Conference in Nashville, TN in its Spring Issue of the Association’s publication, The Register. Anecdotes cover the featured speakers, results of the National Financial Plan Competition, and award recognition – along with articles of interest for the professional financial consultant.

Special attention is given to the National Financial Plan Competition which is organized through the IARFC for undergraduate students in a curriculum related to financial services. This event brings networking opportunities between the next generation of financial professionals and experienced consultants. The results:

  • First Place: Rebecca Boyle from the University of North Texas in Denton, TX – David Ragan Professor
  • Second Place: Nick Urban and Drake Uplinger from Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, MI – Mark VanVoorhees Professor
  • Third Place: Kylee Nelson and Bailey Misbach from Utah Valley University in Orem, UT – Dr. Luke Dean Professor.

The Chairman’s Desk by H. Stephen Bailey, MRFC® discusses the value of networking during conferences and the status of the Association – eyeball to eyeball.

“I consider these conferences high on the list of benefits for my practice,” relates Chairman Bailey. “There were outstanding speakers that motivated you to make changes or try something new. I salute our staff for all the hard work in getting our speakers and vendors together.”

An enlightening report in the Spring publication focuses on Association expansion. It relates information from the annual in-person IARFC Board Meeting and lays out a plan for the future.

According to Vice Chairman Nicholas Royer, MRFC®, “Our Board will be doing their best to advance a platform of growth and industry recognition for our membership in the coming year.”

Contributing authors of practitioner oriented articles for this issue include:

  • A Process that Nourishes Life-Long Client Relationships by Ira Starr, MRFC®
  • Enjoy a Stress-Free Retirement by James A. Hopper, RFC®
  • The Dirty Little Secret About IRAs by Larry Hollatz, RFC®
  • A Different View of Diversification by Michael Tove, RFC®
  • OMG – Did This Just Happen to ME? by Michelle K. Blair, RFC®
  • Why Retirement can Cost More than Clients Think by Bryce M. Sanders
  • Seriously Ramsey – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly by Michael Jay Markey, Jr., MRFC®
  • Retirement Comes Faster than Expected by Most by Peter J. D’Arruda, MRFC®
  • Preparing for Change by Bradley K. Maples, Sr., MRFC®

For more information about the IARFC, The Register, and the benefits of joining, visit

___________________________________________________________________________________ The Register, published since 1999 by the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC) is a practitioner-oriented financial magazine. The Register includes profiles, articles, interviews, book reviews, practice management techniques, product information and marketing recommendations. Its mission is to update members on current matters, along with a listing of newest members and latest


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