Wednesday, November 29
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Stratos Wealth Partners National Meeting

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Last week the IARFC Team of Michael Markey Jr., MRFC and IARFC Board Director and Susan Cappa, Public Relations from the home office met in Cleveland, OH overlooking Lake Erie, the Cleveland Brown’s Stadium and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

They were participating in a National Meeting of Stratos Wealth Partners as an exhibitor, letting the group know of the newly accredited MRFC credential and the benefits of the IARFC as an Association. There were two days of presentations, highlighted by Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank notoriety on Friday Morning.

A welcome address by Stratos Founder and CEO Jeff Concepcion, RFC® introduced the Meeting’s theme of “passion in what you are doing” – a time to redefine what keeps people motivated. Not surprisingly, most attendees responded with family experiences and relationships. Jeff also related that slowing down and asking questions in the most inconspicuous situations can sometimes reap life altering lessons – of which he has had many. Life moves quickly. Slowing it down allows the real story to evolve.

Pictured below is Jeff who stopped by for a “photo op” with the IARFC Team. As a new RFC®, Jeff promotes the Association and feels the designations offered by the IARFC are a good fit with his group of partners.


Stopping by are Hannah Swigert and Matt Meyer of Centerville, OH – both RFCs.


Read Jeff Concepcion’s article in the current edition of the Register.







It was fun to be in Cleveland when the CAVS were playing Golden State in the NBA Finals – but unfortunately the outcome was disappointing.


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