Wednesday, November 29
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Thanks to the Sponsors

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Currently the IARFC is recruiting sponsors for the National Plan Competition. On the Corporate level, we are very happy to announce that Cetera Advisor Network and Royal Alliance have become sponsors. With their commitment we move forward with our plans for Las Vegas and giving the finalists a venue to present their Sample Plans for the judges.

On the Individual Level, we are pleased that many IARFC members have contributed. The Plan Competition gives hands-on development to young people by teaching them the skills necessary to provide the services advisors currently give, to the next generations. It is evident that the faculty, whose students are competing, see it as a valuable learning experience. Your contributions are important to our overall success. Just this year, we have tripled our number of universities and students. A complete list of Individual Sponsors are listed on the website and in the Register

Corporate or Individual Sponsorship is available on Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond Levels. Please contact Wendy Kennedy at or call (513) 424-6395 ext. 308 if you wish to make a commitment.


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