Wednesday, November 29
A Growing Global Community

The Need for Planning

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By Ed Morrow

In every country the population can be broken down into four categories. This grouping helps us know the professional learning we require, the tools of practice that are necessary and the support we need from commercial, educational and professional organizations.

Super Wealthy. These persons have wonderful resources available to them – although many do not use them to maximum advantage. They have attorneys, real estate agents, securities brokers, bankers, trust officers, business valuation specialists and insurance agents. A Registered Financial Consultant can be an important part of this team – frequently serving as the person distributing the financial and family information among the specialists.

Those in Dire Need of Help. Often these persons are being supported by their family, religious institutions and the government. Many do not want to work, or do not have the health, education or training. Some financial consultants want to support an “out-reach” organization – to offer guidance, support and the benefits of financial experience. This service is a form of charity – often referred to as Pro Bono – for the good of others. This group of society will rarely ever have the capacity to purchase goods or services. But professional can be of real help – working privately and within their firm – or doing so as a group

Asset Accumulators. Many of these persons are retired or approaching retirement – and they have successfully saved money – but need professional assistance to preserve their net worth. These persons are not wealthy but they have attained some financial status and need your guidance to protect those assets, increase their growth rate and maximize their income opportunities.

Income Producers. These persons are often just getting started after finishing their education or internship. They are making a bit of money but if they do not acquire good financial habits, they will never become an asset accumulator. They need to make wise use of insurance for protection, annuities for save accumulation and eventually business ownership and real estate. They need a plan to reach the comfortable financial status, and they must develop sound money management practices. During this growth period they need insurance and pooled financial structures, such as mutual funds, unit-linked contacts and group real estate.

Grow Your Practice. The IARFC offers practical training and tools for you to support all levels of society. Share your experiences and challenges with other qualified financial advisors, and allow the IARFC to help your clients by expanding your capacity.


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