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The Power of WHY

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By Susan Cappa

We are excited about the addition of Richard Weylman to the CE@SEA Continuing Education Session during the upcoming Cruise to the British Isles in August.  From his current best selling book The Power of Why, Richard will explore the topic “Breaking Out in a Crowded and Competitive Marketplace.”

His groundbreaking message keys off of a fundamental change of 21st century business – the shift in power from advisor and firm to the client and prospect.  Throughout his presentation, Richard demonstrates how explaining who you are, what you do, or even how you do it is not the answer to the prospect’s WHY.  Most importantly, he will provide attendees with a clear path to break out and establish marketplace distinction for themselves and their practice.

Richard’s background is interesting.  Orphaned at the age of 6, he spent his childhood living in 19 different foster homes and attending 11 different schools – which he regards as great training “no problem in meeting and connecting with new people”.  His formative years are a testament to utilizing adverse life experiences as stepping stones to professional and personal success.


There is still time to sign up for the British Isles Cruise and CE@SEA Cruise Conference and hear Richard Weylman with an entire roster of professional speakers.  For more cruise details, contact Starr Morrow, Cruise Director 423.741.8224.  Immediate Bookings can be directed toward Leonard Passmore, Travel Agent 423.676.2069.  Visit the IARFC website for up-to-date postings on cruise pricing and presenters.  

Complete Roster of CE@SEA Conference Speakers



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