Thursday, July 25
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Totum – A New Benefit Offered to IARFC® Financial Professionals

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The International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC®) has formed a strategic partnership with Totum, a multi-scoring risk tolerance toolkit that helps consultants understand how much risk their clients can take based on their life situation. It is the newest offering in a series of benefits available to IARFC Members.

Risk is not an absolute. It is ever changing with many shifting variables. That is why risk is so hard to succinctly and accurately verbalize with most investors not knowing how to express their very personal feelings about risk or even wanting to discuss their changing perceptions of it.

With Totum, a consultant can easily customize how they engage with clients and have in-depth discussions about their Risk Preferences, Risk Capacity, and Portfolio Risk.

Their questionnaire goes beyond simply measuring clients’ Risk Preference to consider the factors that truly make each individual unique including: goals/time horizon, career stability, industry exposure, health and related risks, local cost of living and income potential, and many more.

This risk clarity closes prospects faster, helps win additional assets from existing clients, and serves as a necessary reassurance when anyone has doubts.

The Totum Risk toolkit includes, the multi-scoring risk questionnaire, integrations, analytics, model marketplace, and custom reporting with an IPS all for $99/month. This reflects an IARFC Member benefit of $100 off the Pro Plus annual subscription by using the promo code: IARFCTOTUM.

“We are pleased to offer our risk tolerance questionnaire and toolkit to members of the IARFC,” commented Totum Founder and CEO, Larry Shumbres. “Our product helps consultants develop a competitive edge in service, advice, and customer experience.”

 “Strategic alliances bring to the table unique products that can help our members prepare personalized and relevant financial plans,” added Randy Kriner, IARFC Information Technologies. “We welcome the opportunity to partner with Totum and encourage members to utilize this new member benefit.”

For more information visit or contact them at 770-727-4060, The IARFC provides a comprehensive list of member benefits at or contact


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