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Want to Attract the Next Generation of Clients? You may need to change your approach.

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By Jamie Bosse, CFP® RFC®

Close your eyes and picture this: A financial planning or investment management firm in 1982. What do you see? Big, thick mahogany desks, classic artwork in gold-plated frames, gigantic file rooms full of tons (literally, tons) of paper, and perhaps some classy statues resting on doilies on every end table.

News Flash – if your office still looks like this, you may not be prepared to embrace the next generation of clients. The people who were born in 1982 are now in their 30’s, educated, and potentially on the fast track to becoming what you might call the “emerging affluent” and they are not impressed by a posh, stuffy office.

These 30-Somethings want to see modern conference rooms equipped with Wi-Fi ,video conference abilities, and a big screen that they can use to pull up information on – that is… if they want to see your office at all. They may prefer to correspond via email, video conference, Skype, or webinars. The tail end of Gen X and elder statesman of Gen Y tend to be impressed by a firm that promotes flexibility and work life balance. They want to work with advisors that are progressive, treat their employees like family, and have a life outside of the office.

For tips to help you attract your future client base be sure to check out her entire article in the July issue of the Register.

Jamie Bosse, CFP®, RFC is a Financial Planner at KHC Wealth Management in Overland Park, Kansas. She strives to help clients live the life they want by helping them identify their goals, create a plan, and take action. Jamie loves to write, travel, BBQ, and spend time playing with her husband, son, and pet corgi.

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