Tuesday, March 28

Why should RFCs become sponsors of the Financial Plan Competition?

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By Les Anderson,

All of us in any profession have an inherent responsibility to continue the legacies and skills of that profession. To that end, the Financial Plan Competition offered by the IARFC, is a way to get hands-on development of young people by teaching them the skills necessary to provide the services we currently give, to the next generations. 

This is a noble calling as the services to our clientele are needed for their security and by extraction the security of our nation. It is therefore our responsibility to support in whatever manner possible, the continuation of our profession.

I believe that no person ever achieves success without one hand up on the rung above him lifting themselves – and one hand down lifting someone else. Often we don’t have the time to personally go do this. By pooling our assets we can encourage the next generation to do the right things for their clients.

Someday I will retire. I have clients who are younger than me and I want someone to look after them as I would have. It’s part of my responsibility to ensure that there are capable people to advise them on their asset requirements for the future.

How do I become a sponsor?

  • Through an individual contribution designated for this specific purpose.
  • By advocating that mutual fund companies, annuity companies, alternative investment companies, broker dealers and life insurance companies are aware of this effort and encourage them to participate on a corporate level.
  • By contacting schools and organizations who have not previously participated in the past and encouraging them to enter.
  • And finally by promoting corporate sponsorship.

In the Register we will displaying your name and recognizing those who have “stepped up to plate” to assist in the assurance of quality future consultants. Board Members have already committed themselves. We ask and challenge each RFC to join this list with your own personal contribution.

Like the military doctrines of old – he with the most powerful army, wins the war. You as individual RFCs are the army. And our war is to better serve our clientele

For more information on becoming a sponsor, contact info@iarfc.org or download a sponsorship package. A contribution of $100 or whatever might be appropriate and is the right thing to do.


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