Sunday, April 21
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Winter 2023 Issue of Financial Publication, “the Register” Now Available

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The International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC®) has released the Winter Issue of the Register, a national industry publication available online at and in print through subscription on the IARFC store. The theme for this issue is the international connection of the Association and the cultural differences and similarities that we share as an Association – we are thinking globally not just locally.

In this first issue for 2023, the newly elected Trustee Chair Barry L. Dayley, MRFC® that the “Core Belief” of our IARFC culture is to “Do what you love in the service of people, who love what you do.” He explains that just as members are passionate about the work they do for their clients, the IARFC cares about the work they do for their members. He encourages consultants to reacquaint themselves with the IARFC Code of Ethics. It is essential that all members read it and complete the ethics exam.

To express the main theme of International Connection, article contributors explain about the benefit of being connected worldwide through the contributed articles:

  • Iron Sharpening Iron…Across the World
  • The Value of Belonging to an International Association
  • Cog or Conspirator? The Importance of Being Part of an International Association
  • There Were 3 Main Asset Classes 2,000 Years Ago
  • Cultural Values and Family Dynamics Influence the Value Plan.

Monroe Diefendorf, MRFC® expressed the importance of this international connection brilliantly in his 5 reasons why the IARFC is mission critical to all of our successes: (1) We are all connected; (2) We affect each other; (3) Our “issues are universal; (4) Our demise will be hastened through isolation; and (5) Our success will be amplified through collaboration.

Most exciting is the announcement of the Master Registered Financial Specialist (MRFS) Designation for the IARFC Hong Kong/Macau Chapter Developed through The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong, it is a major step forward in the areas of “Fintech” and “Trust”.

“We are focused on supporting Hong Kong/Macau as the launch their new designation,” commented Dayley. “I hope to be introduced to their leadership later in the year along with the other Chapters that make up our diverse Association.”

Other postings in the Register cover news on the upcoming National Financial Plan Competition, updates from the CEO and US Chapter President, 3 ways to get published through the IARFC, and MRFC News. The Register is a great way to stay connected to Association changes.

To access the Register, visit the IARFC website. Those interested in sharing with others about their practice and being published can reach out to editor Susan Cappa at The 2023 Editorial Calendar gives guidelines on current themes.

Winter 2023 Issue of Financial Publication, “the Register” Now Available


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