Wednesday, March 22

Workshop in the Windy City

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Listen to webinar featuring Ed Morrow discussing Buy/Sell seminar in Chicago.

On May 17th, Ed Morrow will be conducting a Business Owner Consulting Workshop as part of a 2-day Buy/Sell Business Transition Seminar (May 16th & 17th) hosted by The Wealth Preservation Institute.

Day 1 will feature prominent attorney Jim Duggan, founding principal of Duggan Bertsch, LLC a Chicago-based business, tax, estate and wealth planning firm comprised of attorneys and accountants. Jim will approach his part of the seminar from the legal and numbers aspect.

Day 2 will be Ed Morrow talking about marketing to business owners and how to work a defined process when presenting your services to this underserved market. Attendees will receive the tools to implement their approach strategies and communications.

Recently, Roccy DeFrancesco from the WPI, featured Ed Morrow in an informational webinar regarding what consultants would be learning during his session. Ed reviewed issues that business owners face and presented the listening audience with previews of how they can solve the problems.

In addition to receiving sage advice from Ed’s experiences, attendees will get the tools in the form of Word files, PowerPoint presentations and Excel files to prospect this “Untapped Business Market”.

Download the workshop brochure here.


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